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And the story goes on.

Kristi and Kobi and Koala

September 2004


Then about a year later I said “Let’s take Kristi back to Kabeara Kennel for a visit. We haven’t seen Teresa (the kennel owner) since we got Kristi, and maybe Kristi would enjoy returning to “The Hood” to visit old friends."


No plans for a dog, just visit. Yea right.


After a few minutes of cavorting with the dogs I spy this little guy just propped up on the playpen looking at me. Uh oh, this is trouble. I picked him up and just knew it. I told my wife he needs to go home with us. Her immediate response was not favorable. But after lunch and discussion she understood. So I paid again and off we went, 2 Sammies in the car


This is Kobi on his first day home. Note the heavy chain to keep him out of trouble till' the back yard is small puppy proof.


Him is a big eater. No brains yet just appetite.


....................Kobi at 11 weeks.


Everybody is real happy Kobi came to live with us. Well maybe Kristi is almost happy.

So now we’re raising up a pup, King Kobi Bear of Kabeara. Perfect little poop machine. 


Just could not get any better.


They are not show dogs, at least not conformation. Kobi maybe obedience someday. Kristi just a companion, but no less a jewel. They both like to pull so maybe when Kobi is able we’ll try sledding.


Most of all they are just the best thing in our life.  


I found a poem on the Internet. If you have a Samoyed that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, then maybe this will help. Click on the Poem page on the navigation bar.